Verkehr in Deutschland

Verkehr in Deutschland, © Colourbox


Germany is the number one transit country within Europe. It attaches special importance to transport and German transport policies are met with keen interest at international level. The work unit for transport matters represents German transport interests at the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe). Within the framework of the ECE, 58 transport agreements and conventions have been developed, which aim at reconciling economic interests, safety and environmental concerns in the field of transport. The influence of the ECE regulations on businesses, industry and consumers can be perceived directly in our everyday life. This applies not only to uniform traffic signs, but also, for example, to car seats for children and automotive parts, which must conform to ECE Regulations.

Other issues which are of special interest to the Member States are the provisions governing the transport of dangerous goods as well as transport operations under the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets. The ECE’s responsibility further extends to the coordination and alignment of the transport infrastructure for roads (E-road network), railways and waterways as well as for Euro-Asian land transport links which are of importance as alternatives to the existing sea routes and for landlocked countries.

The Transport Division of the Permanent Representation liaises with the ECE secretariat on all transport issues and is currently also represented at the office of the Inland Transport Committee. The Inland Transport Committee is the highest political ECE body in the field of transport.

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