UNCTAD´s World Investment Forum commences in Geneva

Grand Opening of the WIF

Grand Opening of the WIF, © UNCTAD

15.06.2018 - Article

The WIF, as a global platform for discussion and networking on investment-related policies and shaping the global investment environment, is one of the world's key events regarding investment and development

. 5000 participants from politics, economy, civil society and science, among others numerous ministers for trade, economy and industry, in particular from developing countries, directors of global companies and sovereign wealth funds, representatives of international organizations (including UNDSG Amina Mohammed, WTO-DG Azevêdo, UNGA President Espinosa Garcés, WEF President Brende) have announced their participation. The exchange will take place in about fifty events, i.a. “Global Leadership Investment Summit”, “Global Investment Game Changers Summit”, ministerial-level roundtables and networking events. Additionally, international investment players will be given the opportunity to present themselves in an innovative investment village.

Germany supports the work of the World Investment Forum as a discussion platform for the creation of a future-proof investment framework for sustainable development and will actively participate with representatives from the public and private sectors (eg BMWi, BMZ, GTAI, BDI). Mrs. Amgard Wippler (BMWi) is heading a roundtable on “Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development” as co-chair; representatives of the BMWi and the BDI are participating in the high-level dialogue of the “International Investment Agreements Conference 2018” and in a discussion on “Responsible Agricultural Investment” experiences of the private sector will be discussed.


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