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WTO Botschafterin Bettina Waldmann


WTO Ambassador Bettina Waldmann
WTO Ambassador Bettina Waldmann© StäV Genf

Bettina Waldmann joined the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the early 1990s.

As a young professional she was posted to Geneva, where she represented her Government in the Uruguay-Round Negotiations. Thereafter, Mrs. Waldmann worked with the European Commission as a national expert. In DG Trade she was responsible for the WTO-TRIPS Agreement. After the secondment to the European Commission had ended, she returned to Berlin, where she took over different responsibilities within the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy: Head of Unit for Human Resources, Government Procurement, Labor Market (including pension schemes and health matters). On 1st September 2019 she followed Ambassador Walter Werner as German Ambassador to the WTO.

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